Before contacting Us please double check our Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Register to start bidding?

Our registration process is extremely easy. You can register with Prime Auctions by clicking on the “Register to Bid” tab at the top of the home page. Once you register, you will receive your bidder ID and password via Email.

During the registration process, why do I need to provide a valid credit card?

At the conclusion of every auction, the next business our software will automatically charge all winning bidders credit cards. This step eliminates extra waiting time during pickup days and makes picking up your items easy

Is there an auction fee?

All winning bidders will be charged a 15% Buyers Premium and a $2.00 fee for every item we sell on the Site

During preview days, can I open boxes?

We strongly encourage bidders to inspect any item that has a condition notation as “Used” and “Like New” personally before placing any bids. Both registered and non-registered users are allowed to come and to inspect these items. Inspection time is limited to 15 min and can be done during our regular pick up times and days.

How do I place a bid on items?

Place a bid on the items you desire by putting your bid in the left hand bidding box. If you do not want to come back and re-bid every time someone else places a higher bid, then you may place your maximum bid in the right hand bidding box. We suggest that you bid the maximum amount that you’re willing to pay for an item. Place your maximum bid in the right hand bidding box and our system will incrementally increase your bid up to your maximum bid.

I am no longer interested in the item. Can I delete or retract a submitted bid?

Prime Auctions is not able to delete any bids that are placed. All bids are final, and non-retractable

When I am outbid, will I receive a notice?

Every bidder will receive an outbid notice via email.

How, and when does an auction end?

The first two items of every auction will end at the intervals of one minute. For example: if an auction is scheduled to end at 7:00PM, item #1 of that auction and item #2 will end at 7:01 followed by items #3 and #4 ending at 7:02. Every auction will end after all of the items have ended. If there are two bidders who are bidding for the same item within the last two minutes of an item’s scheduled end time the items bidding will be extended for an additional two minutes.

How do I know if I won an item?

Winning bidders will receive an invoice the next business day with pick up instructions. Each invoice will also be visible in your bidder profile the next business day.

Why was my credit card was charged $1 even though I did not win anything?

The $1 pending pre-authorization charge will not be posted on your account. This pre-authorization charge is used to verify your credit card. This charge will disappear after few days.

What if I did not receive an invoice in my email?

All invoices are automatically generated and sent the next business day after each auction concludes. You may also access all of your invoices trough your bidder profile by logging in and navigating to the “view profile” section.

Can I present my “paid in full” invoice on my mobile device?

You may either bring a paper copy of your invoice or present that invoice on your mobile device.

When and where do I pick up my items?

Each scheduled pickup day and time is listed on each invoice. You can also view them by clicking on the details tab on the home page and navigating to the “Additional Notes” afterwards.

What is required to pick up my items?

A valid drivers license, and a “ paid in full” invoice is required in order to pick up your item(s). All invoices over $250 must match your photo ID as well as the credit card on file.

Do you provide help retrieving and loading items?

We only assist in loading items that require forklift assistance or team lift.

Why do you require and collect my driver license information?

Driver license numbers will be temporary recorded in order to prevent multiple people picking up the same item. Driver license numbers will be permanently removed from our system once all auctions items are picked up.

If I am not able to pick up my items on the scheduled pick up day, can someone else pick my items up?

If you are not able to pick up on scheduled days, it is the winning bidders responsibility to send someone on their behalf with a valid driver’s license and a “paid in full” invoice. Items that are not picked up on the scheduled pickup day are subject to re-sale without refund on the next auction, unless the winning bidder contacts to arrange an alternative pickup.


We do not provide any shipping and handling services. All items must be picked up locally.

Do you accept returns?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Prime Auctions makes no warranties on any items or goods purchased trough the website. Every item is sold on “as-is” basis without representations or warranties of any kind whatsoever. NO REFUNDS WILL BE PROVIDED.

What is the difference between Pre-Inspected and Non Pre-Inspected Auctions?

Items on the Pre-Inspected Auctions are pre-inspected by our employees and will contain inspection comments at the end of every item. For example: *New*, *Open-Box Like New*, *Open-box Pre Owned* *Open-Box Salvaged* and etc. Pre-Inspected Auctions will state “Pre-Inspected items Auction” in red letters on the front page. Pre-Inspected Auctions are guaranteed. Auctions that are not pre-inspected will not state Pre-Inspected items Auction in red letters. Items on these auctions are not inspected and are not guaranteed of the condition. Customers have the ability to preview items on these Auctions.


These items appear to be in a new condition or have never been used previously.

“Open Box: Like New”
Items marked “Open Box: Like New” may show signs of minor use, can include but not limited to: scratches, dents, water marks, breaks, wear, etc. They generally contain all major components, but may be missing supplementary parts and hardware. These items have not been tested for functionality.

“Open Box: Pre Owned”
Items marked “Open Box: Pre Owned” may have previously been owned or returned. This indicates that the item was previously unpacked and used, not inspected for completeness, not tested for functionality, and could have more damages than found upon being inventoried by Prime Auctions. These items are sold as is.

“Open Box: Salvage”

These items may be defective, and may be incomplete. Some might be in the original packaging and others might have issues with functionality.

Do you offer Scheduled Pick Ups?

Welcome to our Scheduled Pickups FAQ! We are excited to offer a convenient pickup option for our customers.

Our pickup service is available Monday-Wednesday from 11:00 am to 12:00 pm for bidders with 15+ or more items. Thursdays and Fridays from 9:00am-1:00pm is for bidders with 5+ or more items.

Only one appointment necessary per account.

 The total amount of items can be counted in one invoice or multiple combined. At the time of booking, your scheduled pick up must meet the minimum requirement of items and invoices must be fully paid.

Your items will not qualify if your desired scheduled pick up day falls after the final date listed on your invoice.

All items that were scheduled must be picked up.

Failure to appear without cancellation will result in permanent loss of this service.

In order to book an appointment, you must specify your bidder/user number and auction number/s in the notes to have your appointment accepted.

Schedule your pick up today following this link: