7 Antique Products To Sell In An Online Auction.

There are all kinds of antiques, which are from dolls to furniture which are excellent sellers. Most people are not antique dealers; therefore we may not be aware or care a lot about them. The following consists of antique that sell crazily in online auction.

1. Coins

There are a good number of individuals who are coin collectors; you can be able to purchase in an online auction any foreign coins. Coins increase in value the more they become scarce to find. The coins include pesos from Mexico, coins from Brazil and Euro. The coins are quite cheap making the sellers sell them off at a hundred cons of the world. Coins, for instance, the Brazilian and Mexican peso, one peso goes for less than a penny.

There is also the Indian Head pennies and old silver, current silver also known as junk silver are popular.  Some individuals bid the stuff for more than what you can get them for as base metal. Crazy, Yes! But that how it works.

2. Pocket, hunting knives

Both old and new pocket and hunting knives are popular products, not to forget swords are also in this category. These antiques are not for everyone; however, if you’re interested or have survival skills using knives, or find a history of swords fascinating. These products can do quite well in the online auction.

3. Watches and rings

Most people are interested in unusual rings and watches; for instance, the turquoise watches and jewelry from New Mexico were popular twenty years ago.  It then went out of fashion as no one wore it, now it’s currently popular again.

4. Native Indian arts and crafts

When it comes to anything that is Indian arts is a big business for online auction especially in Germany, USA, Belgium, and the UK. The arts include old arrowheads, blankets, beadwork, and saddles among others as long as it’s connected to Native American nations.

5. Music boxes

Music boxes are not only collectible, but they are also trendy. They are quite easy to ship to customers. Visiting a junk shop, car boot sale, antiques mall or market will give you at least one music box.

6. Autographs

Do you have anything that was signed by a famous person? Whether it’s by a rock star, movie star, or the president these autographs are bidding big time in online auction such as eBay. Some individuals are selling items of famous individuals such as clothing or lock of hair.

7. Regional items

Regional commodities have increased in popularity. This is seen as people in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California can get Mexican arts cheaply as they are close, but they end up selling the items for double or triple the money in online auction for instance in eBay. In case you don’t live in states, but go to South America or Mexico for a holiday, you can find this lucrative. In regional items, it covers tourist items purchased anywhere in the world for instance dolls in the apparel of the country, handbags from Egypt or African beadwork.


The mention antique products are just some of the products sold in online auction. The next time you need an antique product, visit Prime Auction for best deals.