What is the Liquidation Auctions

Liquidation-auctions-prime-auctionsIn this topic, we will cover what are Liquidation Auctions. There are few types of liquidation auctions in Sacramento. But let us talk about Prime Auctions. The most common type of online auctions is liquidation auctions of returned and box damaged items. In most cases these items are completely functional. These items have been returned to the store because consumers at times do not like them due the size, color or functionality. This occurs during promos, and sales when people purchase numerous items to later find them unnecessary to keep. In most cases the consumer will open up their merchandize only to realize that they no longer need the item.

USA costumer policy has very good protection for customers. Right after the items have been ripped open or in some cases used, the consumer decides to return the item back to the store. In most cases all returned items are accepted by the store no matter of the condition. So where to these return items go? Obviously, retail stores will not put these items back on their shelves. This is where online liquidation auctions company like ours steps in. These items will be sent over to our liquidation auction warehouse, sorted through and posted up for auction. Here is where a customer can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Any registered bidder can bid on any desired items. These items have no minimum bids, nor do they have any price reserves.

We are your premier Liquidation Auctions in Sacramento. Anyone with the credit card can register for free and start bidding on our online auction. You are able to bid as low as $1. And yes, if the item sells for $1, it is absolutely yours. register right now here